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R2me2;) Prize draw / Photo competition – Terms and Conditions


SCHUBERTH GmbH (“SCHUBERTH”) is organising the #R2me2;) prize draw with a photo competition from 15.03.2017 to 30.06.2017 . The prize draw will take place on the landing page at Fans and followers of SCHUBERTH – as well as all motorcycle enthusiasts who love naked bikes, roadsters, sports tourers and power bikes – are invited to take part in the prize draw. In addition to the draw a photo competition will be held, which can also be found on the above-mentioned landing page.

To enter the prize draw, you must register using the prize draw entry form on the homepage SCHUBERTH will draw three registered entrants at random, who will win a trip as well as a SCHUBERTH R2 helmet each.

As well as registering, you can also enter the #R2me2;) photo competition. To enter, participants have to upload a photo showing a creative idea for a helmet using the competition form on the landing page at . SCHUBERTH will invite the community to vote for the best picture. The two photos receiving the most votes will each win a trip as well as a SCHUBERTH R2 helmet.

The trip consists of an individual motorcycle tour for one person worth up to € 3,500 with a choice of five destinations:

  • Western Canada
  • Tenerife
  • Pearls of the Adriatic
  • Ireland and the wild Atlantic coast
  • MotoGP Mugello and the best of Italy

Incl. 3-star hotel B&B accommodation (single room), hire bike category 2 or 3, tour guide and flights.
Excl. airport transfers


  1. These prize draw rules (hereinafter referred to as “rules”) apply to the prize draw. By entering the draw, participants agree to be bound by these rules, as well as the general Terms and Conditions.
  2. Entering the draw is defined as registering using the prize draw form on the landing page In order to register, the data requested by the electronic prize draw form must be provided in full and correctly, and the prize draw form must be submitted to the event organiser by clicking the “SUBMIT” button. The prize draw entrant is the natural person who is the owner of the email address that was stated on the prize draw entry form. It is not possible to enter the prize draw without submitting the prize draw form. Only one registration per eligible person is permitted. Registration under different email addresses, participation by or on behalf of third parties, or via automated mass entry processes by third parties, are not permitted. If a registration is inadmissible or participation contravenes the rules, the registration will be invalid as a consequence.
  3. Entering the photo competition is defined, in addition to registering (see Point 2), as uploading a photo with a creative idea for a helmet on the landing page There is a “Like” button to vote for the photo. The two photos that have received the most votes by 30.06.2017 are the winners. If there is an equal number of votes, the winner will be drawn at random. Each participant may upload 1 photo to enter the competition. By uploading the photo the entrant confirms that he has taken it himself and has the right of free disposal over it. By submitting a photo, every entrant assigns the title and full rights of use and exploitation for the material submitted to SCHUBERTH, unless the entrant revokes this in writing. SCHUBERTH accepts no liability for any material submitted, unless SCHUBERTH or employees of the company are acting with intent or gross negligence. After the competition has ended, SCHUBERTH is authorised to destroy any submitted material.
    SCHUBERTH has the right to delete any photos with content that is pornographic, glorifies violence or is otherwise offensive. Such photos are excluded from the competition. It is the responsibility of SCHUBERTH alone to classify, label and delete these photos as such. Users who disobey these guidelines will be excluded from the competition.

  4. These rules are available in English, Italian and French.
  5. The rules can be found at the following internet address:
  6. Only accepted submissions, i.e. registrations that meet all criteria as detailed under Points 2 and 3, will be approved and entered in the prize draw.
  7. Draw entries may not promote brands other than SCHUBERTH.
  8. The winners will be notified by email. All entrants notified in this way are obliged to inform SCHUBERTH within three weeks of the message date whether they accept the prize. If SCHUBERTH does not receive notification within this period, the opportunity to accept the prize will be withdrawn and SCHUBERTH reserves the right to draw an alternative winner at random and to notify them accordingly. There is no cash alternative or transfer of prizes to a third party. The judge’s decision is final. Entrants are responsible for monitoring their own email spam filters.
  9. Any prize presented in the competition is not necessarily identical with the item won. Variations are possible, especially in model, colour, specification and similar. Furthermore, until the prize has been awarded, SCHUBERTH expressly reserves the right to change the game structure without notice due to exceptional reasons, and/or to change the nature/scope of the prize, or exchange it for an alternative. In this event, participants have no claims whatsoever against SCHUBERTH.
  10. The prize is only offered in the scope stated by SCHUBERTH. Any (subsequent) costs incurred by the winner while using or as a result of using the prize are only covered if this is specifically stated in the prize draw.


  1. Any natural person aged at least 18 at the time of participation is entitled to enter. SCHUBERTH assumes that the entrant has legal capacity to participate in the prize draw at the point of registration, and is in agreement with the rules.
  2. Automated draw services are not allowed to participate. Employees of companies listed above and their families are excluded from participation.
  3. SCHUBERTH reserves the right to use the name of the winner for marketing purposes, with the agreement and consent of the winner.
  4. Entry to the prize draw is free of charge and does not depend on purchasing goods or services.
  5. By entering the draw, participants guarantee that all personal information they have provided is correct, up-to-date and complete. The Data Protection terms can be found at
  6. SCHUBERTH reserves the right to exclude entrants from participation in the prize draw. This applies in particular in the event that the Terms and Conditions have been breached, or if participants are guilty of using manipulation or other dishonest means. The same applies if submissions by entrants within the scope of the competition are unlawful or corrupt, which means in particular those containing libel or false assertions, or contravening intellectual property rights. SCHUBERTH is permitted to declare such exclusions, revoke awards and recall prizes retrospectively as well.
  7. SCHUBERTH reserves the right not to refer to or involve entrants in the prize draw if their user names are offensive or contain profanities.
  8. The participant indemnifies SCHUBERTH against all third party claims resulting from and in connection with the prize draw and entries in the draw, if the participant is in breach of the law or the prize draw rules.


  1. The prize draw begins on 15.03.2017 at 0:00 and ends on 30.06.2017 at 12 o’clock midnight at the latest (CET). Any registrations received after this point will be disregarded.
  2. Winners will be announced on the landing page at within seven days of the end of the competition.
  3. Every participant is restricted to just one entry in the prize draw and in the photo competition. Multiple submissions of the same material from different entrants will not be accepted and may lead to the disqualification of the entrants concerned.
  4. The three prize draw awards will be given at random; the two prizes for the photo competition will be awarded according to a point system (votes), in which the two best entries are the winners. In the event of equal points, a winner will be chosen at random.
  5. The prize in each case consists of a trip worth up to € 3,500 to include an individual motorcycle tour for one person with a selection of five travel destinations – Western Canada – Tenerife - Pearls of the Adriatic - Ireland and the wild Atlantic coast - MotoGP Mugello and the best of Italy– organised by SCHUBERTH (based on availability; incl. 3-star hotel accommodation with B&B (single room), hire bike category 2 or 3, tour guide and flights; excl. airport transfers), as well as a SCHUBERTH R2 helmet. The dates of travel and formalities regarding handover of the prizes will be arranged individually with the winners.
  6. SCHUBERTH reserves the right to reformulate, cancel or terminate the competition at any time without giving prior notice or reasons. This applies in particular if it is not possible to ensure that the competition is held in accordance with the rules for technical or legal reasons. In this event, participants have no claims whatsoever against SCHUBERTH.